Monica - AirBnb Translation

Hi, I'm Monica

I translate your English Airbnb listings into Spanish and increase your bookings (¡y vice versa!)

Airbnb Translations

I can translate your Airbnb listings from English into Spanish – for accommodation listings as well as experiences – and help increase your bookings. I can also improve existing listings in Spanish to make them read exactly how you want them to.

I’m a Scottish girl living in Spain, and I have extensive translation experience. I have worked as a legal translator and proofreader for one of Spain’s top law firms, but also frequently turn my hand to content in the creative and advertising sectors.

It's as easy as...


We have a chat about your requirements


I review your listing and draft your translation, or suggest improvements on your existing listing


You enjoy more traffic to your Airbnb listing – and more bookings!


Why not just use Google Translate?

You could. Or you could just take random words from the dictionary and hope that they make sense. Check out a selection of some people who did just that...

Will guests assume I speak Spanish?

No! Whilst you’ll get a perfect translation of your listing, I can add some text to explain that this is a courtesy, and that you will not be able to speak Spanish with them (or that you only speak basic Spanish).

How much does it cost?

I currently charge a flat fee of 50 USD per Airbnb listing. It’s an investment which should pay off with increased bookings!

What about messages and reviews?

I can help you with those, too! I’m happy to translate messages from you to guests, before and during the booking. I can do the same for any reviews in Spanish you might want to read.